We, at the United Arts Council, are so thrilled to be uniting with CAPA!

The choice to merge has been carefully explored for over a year. This past May we formed a small committee comprised of Board Members from both institutions.

With this merger, CAPA will be an integral part of shaping Collier County’s recently adopted Arts & Cultural Plan. That plan includes seeing CAPA’s vision for a cultural facility on Bayshore become a reality.

Three of Board Members from CAPA were recently appointed to the UAC Board.
John Watson is the new Vice President
Suzette Fernandes is the Treasurer
Gregg Zavodny is a Director

Bill Drackett, President of CAPA, plans on continuing their commitment to fundraising to realize CAPA’s original Bayshore dream.

In early fall, our merger will be officially announced. We are planning on a celebration of our union, whether it is a Zoom event, or outdoors in the Bayshore neighborhood – we want you to be part of the festivities.

We cordially invite you to join the UAC as a member and be part of our continuing adventure. If you are not ready for a membership, get engaged by signing up for our Best Bets for the Week and receive updates on arts and cultural events happening each week in Collier County. If you’d like to receive updates specifically about the County’s Arts & Culture Strategic Plan, sign up to receive those emails.

To enrich lives and strengthen our community
through the power of the arts.